19 Apr 2014

Restaurant cooling with open doors & windows

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Extending dining areas from indoors to outdoors during warmer periods allows restaurants and other food services to maintain a steady revenue base that is less seasonal in nature.

Empowering your restaurant to maintain a consistent revenue stream throughout the year can be a challenge. The very nature of a restaurant circles around “rush” hours and “dead” times. Utilizing save energy cooling systems can lengthen or even maintain existing peak periods for optimal table turn-over rates while giving your guests the subtle statement that you have carefully considered every detail of comfort. Smoking areas become welcoming and the passing crowds are drawn to your call of comfort.

Consistency matters. Random surges in business can catch you unprepared while living without them means you can’t learn how to keep them going. And there is always the fact that sometimes, being busy today at 2 p.m. doesn’t necessarily mean you will be busy tomorrow at 2 p.m. Or even a week or a month from today. Creating consistent longevity to your weekly or monthly peaks and valleys is a struggle and it doesn’t always boil down to analyzing numbers. Many times it is a simple act of listening to the quiet expressions of your guests.

Evaluating numbers will never tell you how someone felt while they dined at your restaurant. It can’t measure the ambiance a family felt. It won’t tell you what the couple on their anniversary decided; whether the candles, the lighting or the wine suggestions were their favorite part. Numbers can rank servers by sales, but can’t necessarily rank customer attentiveness or satisfaction. Reviewing revenue fluctuations doesn’t paint the entire picture.

One critical factor to consistent patronage is establishing tangible levels of comfort. People go out to eat to be relaxed. The entire orchestration of a dining experience, from beginning to end, is a composition of multiple, yet subtle, gifts of service that tell your guest that they are relieved. Not only from meal preparation and clean up, but relieved from whatever stresses they encountered during their day.

Check how a restaurant owner succeed to extend his ding area to the outdoors during warm periods at:  https://www.behance.net/gallery/SlimdesignQuality-save-energy-cooling-for-AMMOS-CLUB/9025073

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