15 Jul 2015

Night Art is a one-night art event that powers connections between galleries, artists and audiences. Melbourne arts and city spaces will open up late for a unique night art walk event, inviting audiences to ‘curate your own night’ and contribute to the cultural vibrancy of our city at night.

Made up of three precincts – Central City, Melbourne University, and Arts Precinct including Federation Square – Night Art encompasses:

– over 15 independent, commercial and artist-run spaces
– ten public museums and institution spaces, including the new Melbourne School of Design
– public art commissions between sites
– arts sites in architecturally significant buildings, co-presented by Nite Art partner Open House Melbourne
– a late-night social hub at Ian Potter Museum of Art.

Installations, mini-events and off-site exhibitions will activate spaces throughout these precincts, with Nite Art using the City of Melbourne as its exhibition space. Audiences will be invited to participate in projects such as Light Speculation, a project at Carlton Connect that explores the wonderment of light and involves an interactive, light-based game for audiences to play.

Night Art co-founder Deborah Stahle says, ‘Night Art 2015 explores the depth and diversity of contemporary cultural practice, at the intersection of art and other fields of knowledge like science, design and technology. Curated projects can be experienced in private and public spaces that highlight the creativity, experimentation and ideas that make up our city.’

Night Art is part of a global shift happening in other art cities such as Berlin, Hong Kong and Tokyo that is changing the way people view and interact with art. The one-night art event recognizes that art and culture is at the center of our city, and creates a new conversation about Melbourne’s cultural identity via collaboration, connectivity and legacy.