30 Dec 2013

How Radiant Heating works & why is the N.1 save energy heating solution for commercial places

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CoolairAustralia’s surface mounted electric radiant ceiling panels provide heating through radiant heat transfer.  With radiant heating, people are warmed directly, in the same way as they are by the sun on a cool day.  Independent research indicates that radiant heat panels can provide energy savings over both traditional air source heat pumps and electric resistance heaters.

CoolairAustralia’s radiant ceiling panels can rapidly change a space environment; they heat quickly when turned on and cool quickly when turned off.  Our radiant panels heat to about 150 degrees Fahrenheit within 4 minutes of being activated.  A system with multiple zones can be created easily, with a separate thermostat in each space.  This can provide significant energy savings by allowing only the occupied areas to be heated.

Compared to gas patio heaters have 65% save energy and compared to infrared electric heaters have 50% save energy.