13 Dec 2014

New Patio heating solution for hospitality needs!

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Radiant Guard heaters is a space-saving alternative to the bulky and costly, gas-heating units currently available on the market.

“We designed and built Radiant Guard heaters to radiate sun-like heat evenly and efficiently but also made it look super stylish to complement any environment.”

The 2400W model costs approximately 35 cents per hour to run (based on a 14 cent electricity tariff). Compared with the approximate $2.55 per hour cost of running an outdoor gas heater with a 9kg gas bottle. Adding timers, heat regulators and other control options further reduce heating costs.

radiant heater

radiant heater

“These minimalist heating panels will appeal to anyone with an eye for design. The beauty is you hardly notice they are there, you just enjoy being warm”

Publicans and restaurateurs will welcome the extra capacity as more available floor space is guaranteed and patrons will enjoy not having to navigate around hot and bulky gas heaters.

radiant heater

radiant heater

The key design feature of Radiant Guard heaters is the unique surface of the extruded aluminium radiation panel, which rapidly disperses radiant heat evenly and efficiently.

The design ensures Radiant Guard heaters is safe to use and operates in silence, with no moving parts or glass components.

radiant heater

radiant heater

It is made from a hardwearing steel casing, and has been designed to be as maintenance free as possible.

Standard Radiant Guard heaters models feature black anodised aluminium radiation panels with a silver powder coated casing. Stainless steel encased models are also available.

Radiant Guard heaters is lightweight and designed for both commercial and residential use.

patio heating

outdoor heating solution

Other features include:

Designed and manufactured to meet Australian and New Zealand conditions and Electrical Standards for 230 to 240 volt operation.

International Water Protection Rating of IPX5 – ie protection from water splashing from all directions.

check case studies at: http://coolairaustralia.photos/111295/project-gallery