23 Jan 2014

New Ceiling / Wall Mounted Energy Efficient Dehumidifier With Low Noise

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New type Ceiling super energy efficient dehumidifer to improve:indoor air quality, prevent structural damage, eliminate chemical & drastically decrease humidity levels in tough commercial environments such as hotels indoor swimming pool areas, restuarant kitchens, sea side commercial establishments.

New Features:
1: 5years warranty, far longer than other factores’;
2:Customized G4 efficiency filter equiped; ensure bringing clean air;
3: Automatic built-in advanced defrosting system(ourself patent);
4: Really normally working while the temp. down to 5°C;
5: Wellknown comperssor, low noise, high efficiency;
6: Conforming to the EN60204;etc.

Main advantage it can be built-in the invisible space, such as wall, ceiling etc, it won’t disturb the existing decoration.

concealed application

ceiling mounted installation