11 Sep 2014

Mechanical cooling and heating should never be used as a substitute for good design

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Mechanical cooling and heating should never be used as a substitute for good design

At CoolairAustralia, our Sales Engineers’ performance is not measured as to how many units or products have been sold to customers; their performance is measured as to how much energy is saved from day to day operation of our proposed solution.

At CoolairAustralia, our starting point is always to look at natural systems and design a building which uses passive solutions (optimal daylight, harvest the sun, provide shade by natural elements, etc.) and only use technical M&E solutions if required; that is why Zero Energy Design is of key essence in our passive solar building design methodology.

Sustainable and cost effective, ZED provides an effective and simple approach for integrating smart materials into buildings and HVAC products to ensure the maximum save energy result alongside with our AWARD Winning save energy products.

This simple passive approach to saving energy provides greater comfort for building occupants and more efficient HVAC system

Check the following case study of a

Passive Solar Cooling a pharmaceutical warehouse:

24hr constant temperature at 24 degrees  Celsius all year round in a hot humid environment!

PROJECT: Creation of pharmaceutical warehouse to operate 24 hrs all year round at 24-25 degrees celsius. CUSTOMER: Requested a save energy solution. SOLUTION: Implementation of ZERO ENERGY DESIGN METHODOLOGY by Coolair’s engineers, end result mechanical units for cooling have been reduced from 16 units down to 5 units.

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