09 May 2014

How to reduce electricity bill on your existing air cooled Hvac system?

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Pre cool & Save

Outside air temperatures  dramatically impact the amount of energy consumed by air-cooled air-conditioners. As ambient outdoor temperatures rise, the system must work harder to deliver cooling with a corresponding loss of cooling capacity. Conversely, for every degree drop in surrounding temperature at the compressor, the unit’s efficiency and cooling capacity improves.

By cooling the air before it draws  through the air-cooled refrigerant condenser, evaporative pre-condensing lowers ambient temperatures at the compressor typically 20 degrees or more enabling the compressor to work more efficiently and save energy.

With Chillair Annual energy savings estimates are not influenced by run hours and ambient air conditions (temperature and humidity). Savings are over 30%

Key Customer Benefits:

  • Significant energy bill savings with simple project payback in the three year or less range
  • Adds cooling capacity to existing air-cooled air conditioning.
  • Can be installed with little AC system down time and has no impact on the existing equipment performance warranty
  • Uses minimal amounts of water and is a net water resource savings measure.

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