03 May 2014

Ground to Air Heat Exchanger – Harvest the energy below us especially In a hot, humid climates

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New innovative solution for precooling the fresh air stream of the HRV ventilation system and  really make the most of your natural surroundings to SAVE YOU ENERGY & MONEY on your airconditiong bill.

ground to air heat exchanger significantly reduces your heating and cooling bills as well as providing long-term environmental benefits.

It does this by exploiting the natural temperature of the ground to provide a cost effective source of renewable energy. At a depth of 1.5 to 2m, the earth’s temperature is a constant 8-12˚C throughout the year.

By drawing air through an underground network of pipes, it is either pre-heated by the ground in winter or pre-cooled in summer. In combination with our VHR unit this significantly reduces the heating and cooling costs of a building.  The underground connecting  pipe is made of polypropylene and comes complete with a unique integrated antimicrobial layer, made of silver particles. This prevents microbial growth on the inside of the pipe, which would otherwise cause musty smells. The air inlet also has a dust and pollen filter, further benefiting allergy sufferers.

There is no mixing of air streams. During winter, the system is able to capture over 90% of the energy from the outgoing stale air before delivering it as warm filtered, preconditioned air into the living areas of the property through the ducting. For more info or design services for your ventilation system you can conduct our sales engineers at info@coolairaustralia.com for your free consultation.