04 Jul 2015

Green innovation has been a major focus in recent years. Month after month, we see new ways to be kinder and less burdensome to our fickle planet, and the green trend shows no sign of slowing.

In fact, green technology is bigger than ever and projected to continue becoming a central part of our daily lives. Here are some green technology trends to watch:

Live Green with Energy-Efficient Homes
One of the most important features that buyers are looking for in today’s real estate market is energy efficiency. With sustainable energy systems like solar and geothermal becoming less obscure, buyers are now specifically targeting homes with such features in the hope that their next abode will be most more cost-effective in terms of the utilities.

On the flip side, the fact that buyers are now more inclined to buy homes with solar photo-voltaic panels or geothermal HVAC is, in turn, going to make homeowners and sellers more inclined to take the plunge and convert to sustainable energy systems since they make properties more desirable and add value. It’s likely that alternative, green home energy will gain a lot of momentum in the immediate future.

Drive Green with Low and No-Emission Cars
According to reports, more than 85% of individuals surveyed support the government’s requirement that all cars get at least 35 mpg by the year 2017. With better fuel economy comes lower fuel emissions, which means that cars that get better gas mileage are also better for the environment so these mandates benefit the environment as much as our wallets.

It’s become more and more common to see hybrid and electric cars on the road. These efficient cars usually have a very distinct, unique design that makes them easier to spot. Many taxi and car services use these fuel-efficient vehicles in populated metro areas as well.

Although hybrid and electric cars account for only about 1% of vehicles on the road, there are more options available and the cost is steadily decreasing. With hybrid and electric cars being more affordable, more people are going to be buying them for the immediate and long-term savings.

Work Green with Fiber Optics
Even though it’s not exactly new technology, it wasn’t until recently that fiber optics was used on a larger, more mainstream scale. Fiber optics is a more energy-efficient, longer-lasting alternative to copper coaxial cables that also produces much less heat, which makes it safer as well. It can be used in a variety of ways such as for lighting and internet.

Fiber optic lighting can be used both indoors and outdoors, working in such a way as to keep the cables from storing electricity for long periods of time. It’s even been used in low-energy Christmas trees.

Perhaps the most promising use of fiber optics is for internet access. Currently, the service providers that use fiber optics are Google Fiber and Verizon FiOS. Not only is fiber-optic internet more efficient in terms of energy, but it’s also faster than any other internet service available. In fact, fiber-optic internet can reach gigabit speeds in some areas, which is remarkable. Though it’s not available nationwide at the moment, it’s likely that the efficiency and speed of fiber-optic internet will entice other service providers to implement fiber optics in the coming years.