28 Jan 2014

Custom-made and efficient air conditioning solutions for engineer planers

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Where the heating, cooling, cleaning, purification, humidification and dehumidification of air are required, Coolairaustralia makes its contribution to progress. Customized climate control and air treatment, with the maximum-possible reduction in energy consumption over the entire life cycle of the facilities: this all pays out handsomely in euros and cents, in comfort, and in staff productivity. Our solutions reliably comply with all international
standards in highly sensitive areas such as hospitals and clean room applications.

Committee for Air Handling Units. They likewise set new standards for sustainability and flawless system integration in advanced sports arenas, production facilities, airport buildings, and swimming pools – as well as in offices, museums, and hotels.

Whether restaurant kitchen, shopping center, hotel lobby, industrial hall or operating theater: There is always a need for an efficient air treatment and air-conditioning solution that incorporates an air filter, which fulfills the unique requirements of the respective area of application.

Coolairaustralias custom made Air dehumidification /cooling & heating solutions comprises more than 2,000 different
standard and special filters, which provide clean air in
commercial, industrial and residential areas.

Finest emulsion mists, toxic vapors, fine dusts and material chips are filtered just as reliably as odors, bacteria, fungus pores or viruses.

In addition, air filters support an economic process control. Consumption costs for electricity, heat and water are lowered noticeably and statutory provisions are certainly fulfilled.

As a planner, you benefit from the maximum flexibility. Which
user profile an area or a process has to fulfill, or how high the
requirements even for the extract air are: Due to the variety of
possible variations, you find a tailored solution for each project.
We draw on the vast range of process engineering possibilities
of air filtration.

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Custom-made and efficient air conditioning solutions for engineer planers