27 Jan 2014

Caring for your cooler
Have your cooler serviced twice a year, prior to the cooling season and midway through summer. Regular maintenance will help extend the life and efficiency of the equipment.

Before starting up the unit, perform these simple maintenance steps:

Remove old pads and thoroughly clean pad frames. Use a wire brush to scrape away scale. Paint all surfaces with a cooler protectant.

Drain and flush the reservoir. Scrape away scale and paint with protectant.

Clean the water distribution system, including the pump screen, pump impeller and water distribution tubes. Replace any cracked tubing. Lubricate the pump impeller with SAW 20 motor oil.

Inspect electrical wiring and switches for poor connections or worn insulation. Inspect the belt for cracks and wear. Replace or repair worn parts.

Adjust motor bolts for proper belt tension. Set the belt tension so that moderate hand pressure will depress the belt about one inch at the center.

Turn on the water supply and make sure water is wetting the entire cooler pad. Too little water will cause dry spots and reduce the cooler’s efficiency.

Check the water level in the reservoir. Adjust the float valve to maintain about three inches of water.
Replace the cooler pads and reinstall the frames.

Ideally, the first five steps should be performed at season’s end. If you will not be using the unit during the winter, shut off the water supply and disconnect electricity to the unit. Then drain the water line to prevent possible wintertime freezing. Close the duct dampers and cover the unit