13 Mar 2015

Open Innovation – CoolairAustralia Global platform

No one believes in you if you don’t believe in yourself. There is nothing more truthful than this. Don’t give into the expectations of others. Thrive for the dreams you see. Life is limited as time is limited. We are here only for a very short period of time. Live in that little time for yourself. Believe in yourself. Surround yourself with the people who can appreciate your vision, your dreams and ability to live.

Give us the benefit of your ideas.
Make a contribution to new solutions: whether for products, functions, services, processes, business models, or whatever else has caught your eye.
As a leading technology and Save Energy company, we take advantage of our global opportunities for strong and meaningful development.

Innovations are essential for our long term success.

At CoolairAustralia we are inventors that put our heart and soul into our creations. On behalf of our colleagues, we would like to offer you a platform for discussion – with complete fairness and respect regarding your intellectual property. Just like our founder would have done it – from inventor to inventor.

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Do you have suggestions for improvements and new products in the portable cooling segment? Let’s hear them!