17 Dec 2015

New growth plan works

In 2013 the Coolairaustralia Corp  introduced an ambitious growth plan to ensure that we keep our leading position within portable cooling and solar air conditioning on the world market. Now almost two years later we can confirm that we are still on track with an increase in turnover of 9% compared to 2014 against 14% the previous year, and we expect a very satisfactory net profit for 2015 on a par with the record year 2012.

Sustainable cooling

Sustainable and energy-efficient solutions are still high on our agenda. We offer the world’s only compressor water cooled portable models with 90% save energy and no installation needed, just plug in to operate. As a new feature we are now able to offer an even more save energy compressor water cooled system with output cooling 60,000 BTU and electricity consumption of just ¬†550 watt one phase.

The latter gives the customer an estimate of the total costs of purchasing, installation, operation and maintenance of a portable cooling system within a period of just 6-8 months. In nearly all cases it turns out that our most expensive material proves to be the least costly solution regarded throughout the period.

Coolairaustralia scores high in new customer survey

In December 2014 we asked a telemarketing agency to examine how a number of USA cooling contractors, consulting engineers and selected architects experience their cooperation with Coolairaustralia. The general view among the respondents is that Coolairaustralia is a professional company characterized by good service, high product quality, on-time delivery and sustainability. But also on parameters such as image, visual design possibilities and technical documentation, Coolairaustralia scores high. We highly appreciate the feedback from our customers, and we are extremely happy to receive not only a lot of recognition but also ideas for improvement.

Energy savings and healthy indoor and outdoor climate

Cooling by Coolairaustralia offers both energy savings and a healthy indoor or outdoor climate. That is why more and more companies choose portable cooling solutions. Also this year we have supplied solutions to a number of interesting projects all over the world, e.g. to industrial warehouses in Great Britain, to Hotels in Greece and to new villa projects in M.East.

2016 appears to be at least as exciting and busy as 2015, and we expect a growth in turnover in line with 2015. We also look forward to participating in a number of local and international trade shows throughout the year,