17 Mar 2014

5 brilliant Australian buildings with daylight-rich roofing solutions

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When designing buildings to utilise sunlight – be it to meet regulations, minimise the need for artificial lighting or to enliven interiors – translucent and transparent roofs, as well as skylights, are gaining greater recognition for their ability to outperform windows.

The advantages of clear roofs and skylights that allow natural light to stream in are many and varied. Daylight is an essential natural asset with proven physiological benefits that artificial lighting cannot replicate.

At the same time, they help a room feel more open, while protecting it from external elements. This minimises the impact of seasonality, which is especially important for places such as indoor aquatic facilities, waterparks, and hotel and resort pools which seek consistent revenue.
“The benefits of installing translucent roofs are that they can admit comfortable diffused daylight three times more efficiently than the equivalent area on a wall,” notes Andrew Norman of Danpalon Australia.

“This can reduce artificial lighting and HVAC requirements to significant life cycle cost savings, as well as improve the amenity of a building substantially.”

Of course, only roofs that are insulated or double glazed, with appropriate protection against excessive heat gains, can help maintain stable temperatures in a room and contribute to energy efficiency. Products should also offer reflective and conductive insulation so that heat losses are minimised during winter.

This is not limited to residential buildings, as technological improvements have led to better insulation of commercial skylights so they work in a positive fashion – not letting out heated air in winter, or the air-conditioned air in summer.

Here are five projects that have capitalised on roofing products to not only let the light in, but also contribute to the energy efficiency of buildings. check article at: http://www.architectureanddesign.com.au/news/5-brilliant-australian-buildings-with-daylight-ric